Interlochen Center For The Arts


Interlochen Fine Arts Camp, Interlochen, MI

The students at Interlochen Fine Arts Camp in Interlochen, Michigan, are dedicated and passionate. While at Interlochen I work with teens in the music program, teaching them the Alexander Technique. We spend time moving together and they spend time resting. Students discover how incorporating awareness of their thinking and their movement effects how they play their instrument. Both are important to these driven and extremely talented teens.

Last year, some of my favorite conversations began with questions about life and college. We talked about how to have fun and how to be serious. We were all able to share our experiences and fears.

The Alexander Technique is about how we move and it is also about how we think. This type of movement and mind education for young music students is important as they look forward to a long career in playing music. It is a pleasure introducing high school students to approach their instrument and their practice in this new way.

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