my child softened my world, and i
made a place for growing and receiving.

i hold her: i feel real love:
ease, necessity, eagerness to learn, readiness to listen. music or sirens, today she takes in without discernment.

she is my mark of innocence.
i expose myself to the larger picture- u.s. politics. a shocking contrast.
i am on a teeter totter. one or the other; little in-between

i made a quilt for my child to cushion our wood floor. i turned the radio off to ________.

when i feed her, my world becomes smaller to make her world larger.
when i feed her she holds my finger.
in the big world i hear hate/anger/regression winning.

i hold innocence with my finger.
i inhale, i exhale. once, everyone was in this place of non-discernment. sharing with the one that holds them.



Lay on a somewhat hard and flat surface. A comfortable surface. Stretch out, so your arms and legs are all in opposite directions. Now that they are there, don’t work to stretch them out, but let rest on the ground.

Listen to your breath without trying to change your breath. (lifelong study)

Notice what you keep thinking about. Set the repetitive thinking and “to do” thoughts outside the room. (lifelong study)

Beginning with the edges; fingers, toes or head; move one body part in gentle circles.  Just a few rotations– then in the other direction. Let this movement travel across your body- toes, middle of your foot, heal, ankle, lower leg, etc. ending at the opposite fingertip. Continue, until you have circled every part of your body at least once.

Feel your body moving in relation to itself and enjoy the movement.

Move in any way that feels good.


Slowly come to standing.

Notice your breath without changing your breath.

Walk away taking these new sensations with you.


Study with Molly in Kansas City or bring her to you……anywhere on this beautiful planet.

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