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Below are a list of previous classes offered.  If you are interested in a subject or have a suggestion of a class I should offer, please be in touch.


The Mosaic Series was created and developed by Rachel Keck.  I am thrilled to be co-teaching the final session on October 4, 2017.  Registration is open up to the day of for each session.

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More classes happening soon in Kansas City~ contact me for more information!


JANUARY 8-10th 2016

Freedom to Act Conference, NYC


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Course Description:

What is the relationship between voice and body? How do we hold back from finding variety in our voice? How do our physical patterns limit our choices vocally? Find often unexplored sounds of your voice and how they can inspire movement, using text brought in by the instructor. Participants will be lead through an experience that will encourage open sound and vocal play while integrating whole body movement with the voice. This exploration will encourage possibilities beyond the habitual and open a doorway to choice. Sometimes it takes going beyond the everyday vocal limits to feel what is possible and needed for today.

Sunday Session 5

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Register today for Freedom to ACT in NYC January 8th-10th.

January 15-18, 2016

Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique


I will be visiting and teaching at the teacher training program lead by Martha Hansen Fertman for a few days in January.  I am looking forward to meeting and working with students currently training to become Alexander Technique teachers.


The Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique offers a psychophysical way to learn about ourselves through our personal movement choices.  By exploring everyday movements, work and performance with the Alexander Technique, you can increase self-awareness and physical understanding.  This understanding can lead to relief from pain, stress and tension, increase energy, improve coordination and enhance performance skills.

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